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Established in 1976, Vijaya Press is our legacy business founded by Sri. M.N Vijayakumar . The baton passed on to his son
Sri. Hari V, an Electronics Engineer, who had a dream of being a tech entrepreneur and empowering and supporting the youth around with jobs through his start up. This gave birth to Inspire Business Corporation (IBC) in 2007 in which he integrated his new baby IBC- IT and the legacy Vijaya Press.
Over the time of 14 years, IBC established itself as a top IT, Security, Time and access control dealer and along with excellent service support in Kottayam. This well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination servicing customers both local and all over Kerala. As a next footstep we have launched our online store with a vision to expand the reach of our business and to provide our services worldwide. 

As IBC progressed in business, Sri. Hari felt the need to expand the enterprise to take up additional initiatives which bring a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people and society around. Having heard from many pioneers, Hari came to a conclusion that a lifestyle of co-existence, collectiveness and inclusion is the need of the day and he embarked on new inspiring initiatives related to education of children and youth. This gave birth to Creative Learning AcademY (CLAY) in 2018.

CLAY started with life skill education for any age and ability through tie up with Trinity College of London and Joy of Drama New Delhi. Further it was augmented with value education to provide strong roots. The overall education program is focussed on the vision of – Rise high, rooted in values!

The next step of CLAY was to venture into an ambitious mission of promoting a culture of co-existence with mother nature and use of nature friendly products in day to day life. The Pandemic  taught us heavy dose of lessons in this direction and the idea was further developed during brain storming discussions with our wellwishers and our family. This led to three more initiatives:

1) CLAY Aranyakam – Focusing in Cow-based organic farming and preserving nature. The beautiful Mahalakshmi Goshala based on ancient Kerala traditional architecture is part of this.

2) CLAY Mahalakshmi – Focus in making natural/cow based/ organic products and promoting them through both in-store and online retail sales to encourage people around to use zero waste/ natural, organic and pure products for their day to day needs.

3) CLAY Punarnava – Offer rejuvenating Staycation experiences to craft meaningful vacations. Keeping our homestay as the base point these experiences are intended to connect you back to nature and back to our culture and traditions. Creative Land of ArtsY is a traditional Art Gallery initiative to display, learn and feel the tradition. Traditional paintings, curios, showpieces and recycled and upcycled Art pieces are available here.

With the introduction of all the new initiatives we decided to re-brand IBC to CLAY-Back to Nature. The CLAY-Back to Nature brand includes all our initiatives including the legacy IBC and Vijaya Press.
We are also involved in citizen services, through our Inspire e Suvidha, Jan Sewa centre to help common man to avail various E Government and other digital India services.
Looking forward to come up with more initiatives and responsibilities......

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