माता भूममिः पुत्रो अहंपृमिव्ािः
Earth is my Mother. I am her Child.
Atharva Veda
Sanatana Dharma provides a rich universal outlook to consider Earth as our Mother. The vivid colours of nature and the beautiful creations all around are nothing but Divinity of the Mother in expression.
समुद्रवसनेदेवव पववतस्तनमण्डले।
ववष्णुपवि नमस्तुभ्यंपादस्पर्शंक्षमस्वमे॥

And mother, who is the consort of Vishnu, clothed with water , mountains on your chest.
I bow you and ask you to forgive me for touching you with my feet!
CLAY-Aranyakam is our humble gift , an expression of our sincere gratitiude, to Mother Earth, in reciprocation to the unconditional love, care and patience, that she showers on us! 
Our core belief is वसुधैव कु टुम्बकं (Vasudaiva Kutumbakam) – the entire world co-exists as one family! At CLAY Aranyakam we consider everyone and everything, be it animals, worms, microbes, plants, humans or any other beings, as part of our family and to lovingly take care of them, is a privilege for us! 
As said by Swami Chinmayananda : "To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness"
CLAY Aranyakam is a lush green and heavenly abode consisting of:
1) About 2-acre agroforest area on a hillock
2) Mahalakshmi Goshala - A traditional and artistic Goshala for Indigenous Cows
3) Abode to Cows, Goose, Horse, Dogs, Cats and Hens, Ducks and Birds and Butterflies.
4) Cow based organic farming involving vegetables, fruits and medicinal plants.
5) Seed bank to preserve heirloom seeds and to pass on to next generations.

Trust the magic of new beginnings.