Mahalakshmi Goshala
Cow is the mother of World.

From ancient ages, all the religious texts in India had underlined the importance of Cows and Cow Products.Mahalakshmi Goshala focusses on preserving the indigenous cows. It is an integral part of CLAY Aranyakam to recharge mother nature and nourish her usingcow-based farming.
Our key objectives
1) To provide a loving environment and serving to Gau-Mata (cows) with proper care, food and rearing to nourish them
2) Rejuvenate mother nature through cow-based farming 
3) Promoting cow based and panchagavya based products for day to day use.

The cows of Mahalakshmi Goshala are integral part of our family. The Goshala is modelled on traditional architecture style, giving a serene ambience to our dear Cows and ensure a loving environment for them. The skectches based on Lord Krishna by Shri Srikant Lakattor has added a divine uplift to the ambience. We also express our gratitude to Shri Shyjo and his team who showed exemplary commitment in building the Goshala. We currently have nine cows which includes Kangrej, Kapila, Gir, Kasargod Dwarf, Vechur and Krishna breeds.
In the next phase of our project we intend to protect aged cows which might be left out in the society due to old age or lack of milk producing capacity.
The Mahalakshmi Family 
Goseva – Service to Cows
We welcome your contributions for GoSeva which includes feeding cows, taking care of their health needs, and even adopting a cow in your family name. Go Seva can be done on any special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, or festivals as your wish. Some of the donation categories are mentioned below, however you are welcome to donate any amount (small or big) as your wish to.
Adopt A Cow - INR 25,000/ year
Feed a Cow - INR 15,000/ year
Contribute to feeding our Cows for a month - INR 5000.